Establishing Control of the Wire Harness Testing Process

One of the demanding situations in checking out wire harnesses is preserving control of the trying out process. Typically, the testing method is not absolutely automatic. Operators connect an untested harness to the check fixture, and take away a examined unit from the test fixture. After a wire harness has been tested, it must be classified as having exceeded or failed, and the operator ought to as it should be segregate the failed ones from the good ones. At times, an operator can also fail to correctly segregate a failed unit, inflicting vast issues downstream. Another ability trouble happens when an operator fails to wait until the check is completed and removes a partially tested unit from the take a look at fixture. Selecting the incorrect test application is also a potential problem.

Manufacturers who’ve several options to be had to them to govern the testing manner to minimize the opportunity of intermingling faulty units with true ones. These techniques encompass:

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