Mobile Phone Repair Nairobi: Top 5 Tips for Phone Repair

mobile phone repair Nairobi

Top 5 Tips for Mobile Phone Repair in Nairobi

Mobile phones have been an integral part in our life. Now there is no need to heavy computer or laptop for internet. Now you can easily access internet by mobile phones, most of the companies are releasing smartphones with by default configured email and other important tools, it makes easy to use emails and PDF files

mobile phone repair Nairobi

Here are some few important tips for mobile phone repair in Nairobi

You Should Have Necessary Tools

If you want to repair your mobile phone, you should have all the necessary tools. You can create a good workstation if you have all the tools. As mobile phone is vast arena, it needs to get all the equipment in order to trace and rectify issues.

  1. Always keep the Workstation Neat and Clean

This is very important to have workstation neat and clean. A clean workstation always gives positive vibes and helps in order to fix problems quickly.

mobile phone repair Nairobi

  1. . Keep Secure Customer’s Data

Whenever, you’re going to repair a mobile phone, keep in your mind that you have secured customer’s important data. There are many customers who have important data; they give importance more than their handset. You need to take a backup of the data.

  1. Spares Should Be Available

While fixing a mobile phone you need to make sure that you have all the necessary parts that you want to replace. It would be helpful for you if you keep the spare parts in the stock. It will help you to repair any mobile phone. If you have all the spare parts you can repair them immediately without any obstacle. This will save your efforts and energy.

4. Keep SIM Card and Memory Card Safely

SIM card and Memory card both are very important for the customer, when you take any phone for repair from a customer, make sure if the SIM card and the Memory card is safe. You should do it in an organized manner you can keep it in a particular drawer or box with the customer’s name and or handset mode number so that when the customer asks you can give him/her safely.

5. Check Mobile Phone Properly

Once you get the fixed mobile phone, you need to check if you have done all the necessary steps. You can see if all the important functions are working properly or not like voice mike, speaker, touch, and make sure it’s not getting warm while charging.

These are the facts you need to check before returning the handset as it will build a relation between you and the customer. It also creates a long-term relation in order to keep maintain your clients.

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