Do Samsung Phones Come With Headphones?


Do Samsung Phones Come With Headphones?

Headphones were included with previous models by default. Nonetheless, the most recent devices from the Galaxy S21 series do not come with headphones. However, you are able to purchase these separately if you find that you require them.

In the packaging of a Galaxy S21 series phone, there are neither earphones nor a charging plug to be found. Because earphones are not included with the purchase of a Galaxy phone, if you need to listen to audio on your Galaxy phone, you will need to purchase appropriate earphones or a charger separately.

Depending on the model and the country in which you make your purchase, the contents in the box may be different.

Samsung observed that many Galaxy customers are re-using their headphones and chargers that they already have at home even after purchasing a new phone. Their earlier models already have standardized chargers and headphones, and these chargers are readily available at home.

Do Samsung Phones Have Google Assistant?

Bixby and Google Assistant are both helpful artificial intelligence programs that you can use on your phone, but you are not limited to using only those two; in fact, you can even configure Samsung Internet to act as a phone assistant.

Each assistant is incredible in its own right, but Bixby, which is exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and comes equipped with its own set of unique capabilities, is particularly impressive. On the other hand, if you’d like, you can alter the assistant that comes pre-installed on your phone.

Note that the screens and settings that are available on your phone may differ depending on the wireless service provider, the software version, and the model of your phone.

How Do I Setup Google Assistant On My Samsung Phone?

The Google Assistant interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Simply press and hold the Home button to bring up the Google Assistant menu.
  • Swipe up, then tap the GET STARTED button to begin. To set up Google Assistant, simply follow the instructions that appear on-screen.
  • Simply repeating the phrase “OK Google” three times will enable you to teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice and finish the setup process.

Note: If you have altered the default Device support app, it will now launch when you touch and hold the Home button on your device.


How Do I Use Google Assistant On My Samsung Phone?

Since the initial barrier has been overcome, Google Assistant will now provide assistance to you anytime you require it. Simply tap and hold the Home button to bring up the Google Assistant. Right instantly, Google Assistant will start paying attention to what you have to say.

On the other hand, if you want to communicate with Google Assistant, you can do so by tapping the Speak icon. Ask Google Assistant, “What can you do?” and then swipe down to view a list of the things it can assist you with, such as altering the settings of your smart home.

Do Samsung Phones Affect Pacemakers?

Samsung phones are magnetic and affects pacemakers. Magnets are integrated into the Galaxy device, and the magnetic level of the device refers to the range of magnetic forces that are likely to be experienced in the course of using a standard mobile device.

If you are using any of these medical devices, including pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators, you need to keep your mobile device at a safe distance from them and consult with your physician before using the device. This is because it may affect medical devices, such as pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators.

Since your gadget can cause the pacemaker to malfunction, you should try to avoid using it within a 15 centimeter radius of the device whenever possible.

Only use your device on the side of your body that is opposite the pacemaker if you want to reduce the risk of it interfering with the functioning of the pacemaker.

Maintain a safe distance between the object you are using and any other objects that can be influenced by magnets. The magnets contained in the gadget have the potential to harm or render useless items like credit cards, passbooks, access cards, boarding permits, and parking passes, amongst others.

Do Samsung Phones Come With Sd Cards?

Samsang phones are sold without MicroSD cards. MicroSD card is available for purchase separately. Availability may differ from country to country and manufacturer to manufacturer.

If your phone has a microSD slot, it will be simple for you to add more capacity to your device using a microSD card. Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, and Note9 all allow microSD cards with a maximum capacity of 1 terabyte (TB), which means that the combined storage capacity of these Galaxy smartphones is greater than 1 TB.

Do Samsung Phones Use Google Play?

Every Samsung smartphone comes with Google’s Play Store already pre-loaded on the device. The Google Play Store app can be found on your home screen most of the time, but it can also be accessed through your apps. On certain mobile devices, the Google Play Store will be located under a folder with the same name as the company.

Do Samsung Phones Have Good Cameras?

Samsung has launched a number of smartphones with varying camera capabilities. Although the Galaxy S9, S8, Note8 and Note9 are some of the better cameras in their class, you might want to examine your preferences and needs to determine which smartphone you will want to purchase.

When it comes to selecting the finest camera phone for you, you should first consider how you use the camera on your current phone. This will assist you in determining which qualities are most important to you in the long run.

You should look into purchasing a phone with the greatest possible front-facing camera if you capture the majority of your images and movies with your smartphone’s camera and if you frequently take selfies.

For instance, the front-facing camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is capable of capturing high-quality photographs even when the available light is low because to its massive resolution of 40 mega pixels.

If you have a lot of images and videos on your phone of cities and landscapes, you might want to consider upgrading to a smartphone that has a telephoto and/or wide-angle lens. This will give you more shooting options.

Even while your primary lens is capable of adequately capturing this, having a zoom lens allows you to acquire an image that is extra-sharp of a skyscraper or landmark in the distance, and having a wide or ultrawide lens allows you to catch the width of an open landscape or city skyline.

In the past, professional cameras were the only ones that could take portrait photos. These days, however, multi-camera systems allow even smartphones to take photos that look like they were taken by a professional.

If you take a lot of pictures of people’s faces with your phone, you should seek for a phone that has more than one camera.

You can produce outcomes that are more dependable with hardware, despite the fact that the bokeh effect, in which the background is blurred, can be imitated with software alone. Some smartphones may also have telephoto lenses, which, in addition to the zoom feature, provide additional information.

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