Where Is The Battery Located On Samsung Galaxy S5?

Where Is The Battery Located On Samsung Galaxy S5?

The battery is located on the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is easily removable so that you can replace it if necessary.

Before using your smartphone for the first time, the battery must be completely charged. A fully drained battery may be recharged for around four hours.

Your device is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The travel adapter required to charge the device’s battery comes with the device’s package. Use only batteries and chargers that are Samsung-approved.

Although it is possible to use the smartphone while the battery is charging, additional charging time will be required.

Note: Ensure the battery is fitted correctly before turning on the device.

  1. Using the slot on the side, carefully remove the device’s cover.
  2. Raise the cover and remove it from the device.
  3. Insert the battery into the opening on the device’s rear, ensuring that the connections are aligned. Press down gently to secure the battery.
  4. Replace the book’s back cover.
  5. Press along the back cover’s edge until the seal is tight and it clicks into place.
  6. Connect the USB connector to the power/accessory interface connector on the device’s underside.
  7. Connect the AC adapter to a power socket. Before plugging the charging head into an electrical outlet, you may need to connect the USB cable to the charging head. A battery may take up to four hours to fully charge.

Where Are The Apps On Samsung Galaxy Phone?

It is now easier than ever to access your apps on Samsung Galaxy phone; simply swipe up or down to view them all. On smartphones updated to Oreo or Pie, the Apps button has been removed. However, if you want the button back, you can also get it back.

Note: the available screens and settings may differ depending on the wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

Let’s explore all of the amazing applications you have installed on your phone.

The Home screen can be navigated by swiping up or down. On the Apps screen, you will find all of your apps. If you have a large number of apps, you can view them all by swiping to the right or left.

If you’re missing the old Apps button, it’s easily accessible.

Go to Settings and open it, then hit Home screen. Tap the switch next to “Show the Apps button on the Home screen.” The Apps button will now show in the Home screen’s corner.

If you like to view all of your apps on your Home screen for easier access, you can add them. It is the same as the setup of iOS devices.

Go to Settings and open it, then hit Home screen. Select Home screen only after tapping Home screen layout. Select Apply, then return to your Home screen. You may view all of your apps by swiping left or right.

When this option is activated, swiping up on the Home screen will show app suggestions and a search bar. The remaining apps will only be displayed on the Home screen.

Where Do I Find Downloads On My Samsung Galaxy S10?

The location of your downloaded files will differ depending on the type of file you downloaded and the application you used to download it. The majority of your files are organized within the My Files application, but a few files will not be displayed.

Some programs, such as Netflix, save their downloads safely on your mobile device and only make them accessible through the app itself.

Check that your device’s app storage permissions are enabled if you cannot find downloaded photographs from the Google app.

  1. Navigate to “Settings,” then select “Apps.”

Tap “Google” to access the Google application.

You may also like to examine more applications, such as Gallery and Chrome.

  1. Select “Permissions”
  2. Tap “Storage”.
  3. Select “Allow”

Additionally, you can hit “See all apps with this permission.” Here you may view the list of apps with allowed and denied storage permissions. Check if there is a blocked application in the “denied” list.

In the My Files app, you can locate nearly every file on your smartphone. This will appear under the Samsung folder by default.

If you cannot locate the My Files application, you should utilize the search function. Swipe up on the home screen to access your apps.

First, tap the search bar at the top of the display.

Enter “My Files” and the My Files application will appear.

How To Use “My Files App” To Organize Files In Samsang Galaxy Phone?

The My Files application automatically categorizes your files, making them easy to locate. You can also view your recently used files, search for a file by name, and view all of your saved files.

Not all downloaded stuff will be accessible through My Files. Typically, content downloaded within a streaming app that permits offline listening or viewing is only accessible within that app. Typically, this is due to copyright constraints.

  1. Tap this button to search for a file using its name. You can also tap Type to view all files of that type, or Time to view files saved yesterday, seven days ago, or thirty days ago.
  2. Recent files – a listing of your most recently accessed files. Tap the final file in this section to get a list of recently used files in chronological order.
  3. Categories – All of the saved files on your phone are organized into categories based on the file type. For instance, if you have downloaded a file from the internet, it will display in the Downloads folder.
  4. Areas of storage – based on how you use your device, your files may be saved in several locations. If you have an SD card, for instance, you can configure your device to download files directly to the SD card. Tap a storage option to view the files that have been saved to it.

How To Restore Deleted Files In Samsung Galaxy Phone?

If you have recently deleted a file, it is often possible to retrieve it from the Recycle bin. To ensure that deleted files are transferred to the Recycle bin, follow the instructions below to enable this setting.

Enable The Recycle Bin In Settings:

  1. Open My files
  2. Select the Menu option (3 vertical dots)
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Toggle the switch next to Recycle bin to on

Restoring A Deleted File:

  1. Open My files
  2. Select the Menu icon (three vertical dots)
  3. Select the Menu icon (three vertical dots)

Here you will find all of your deleted files. Tap Restore while holding the file you wish to restore. The file will once again be located in My Files.

Restoring A Deleted Photo:

  1. Launch the Gallery app
  2. Tap the Menu icon (three vertical dots)
  3. Tap the Recycle bin icon
  4. To recover an image, select it and tap the curved arrow in the lower left corner. The image will reappear in your gallery’s collection.

Using the Samsung Members app, you can email an error report or ask a question if your Samsung Galaxy phone is behaving abnormally.

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